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Программы. Any.Do.

Долгое время пользовался программой для андроидных систем в качестве неплохого органайзера, привязанного к Google Task.
Потом нашёл более приемлемую для меня другую программку и полгода не пользовался
И практически забыл про эту программу. Но разработчики напомнили.
[Читать далее...]
На днях пришло письмо от разработчиков, прочтение которого подняло настроение.
Даже фотографию прислали.
Вот оно...
Hope you’re well.
I'll cut to the chase, so I don't waste too much of your time.
Today I put together a list of people that downloaded my app ( a while ago, but haven't logged in for a long time.
I've been racking my brain to think of how I can ask you to give a second chance and basically decided the best way is to come clean and ask you.
Our small team have honestly worked day and night to build a new that is ten times better than what you used before. I know it is a pain, but if you update your current version, or re-download from the App Store, you will see that the app is now completely different.
... if you're slammed with too many things you need to do and need a simple app to help you organize it all, I genuinely think you will love the new
There are no ads, no sponsored listings and no cheesy special deals. Just a simple & fun app to help you organize all aspects of your life.
If you have any problems whatsoever, please visit our Help center to learn more about the great app features or submit a request to our Support team.
Here's a link where you can download or update to the shiny new

Весёлые и прикольные ребята. Может быть и вернусь к


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