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Майнинг. HYIP или облачный майнинг. Часть 9. Реинкарнация (?)

После взлома этого сервиса изредка поглядывал на новости вокруг этого. Шума, конечно, много и из кучи сугубо негативных "посланий" бывших клиентов сервиса что-то ценное выловить было трудно. Но вчера вышли на связь сами хозяева..

[Читать далее...]

Официальное сообщение:

Service coming back soon!
NiceHash is coming back. Safer, stronger, better.

Dear miners:

The support we have received from our community during this crisis has been immense. We are truly moved by the tens of thousands of messages from our community of miners. We understand why everyone is upset, and we are truly sorry.
We want you to start earning money again as soon as possible. We are taking all the necessary steps to re-establish our systems with the highest possible levels of security to contain and defeat any possible future attacks.
Although we initially stopped the service for 24 hours, it turned out we require more time. Good news is that we are in the final stages of a rebuilding NiceHash into the most robust and secure marketplace for hashing power.
Your bitcoins were stolen and we are working with international law enforcement agencies to identify the attackers and recover the stolen funds. We understand it may take some time and we are working on a solution for all users that were affected.
If you have any information about the attack, please email us at We are giving BTC rewards for the best information received. You can also join our community page about the attack on reddit

Please follow our social media channels for latest updates.

История становится интересней. Товарищи не скрываются, фотографии свои нигде не убрали.
Вообщем, не боятся. Будем ждать. Возможно не выплаченный баланс мне вернётся...

Часть 10. Реинкарнация (!)

Вернуться в начало..


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